Pravesh Dwar & Mahatma Gandhi Memorial
Mahatma Gandhi Our Father Of Nation Is A Global Universal Icon For Peace (Satyagraha) & Non Violence (Ahinsa).

Our Philosophy is based on the Pioneer Of Gujrati Literature, Poet & Saint Narsinh Mehta's Bhajan "Vaishnava Vajan to Tene Re Kahiye Je, Peed Parayee Jaaney Re".

It Simply Means When You See People Who Feel The Pain, Misery & Suffering Of Others Around Them, One's Heart Is Naturally Drawn To Reach Out To Help Them.

This Is What We Follow At Anchorwala Ahinsadham. In Our Glorious 25 Year Journey We Have Treated / Operated Close To 7,00,000+ Animals

Gopal Smruti Mandir
Affectionately Remembered As Nandi Gopal – He Was – Is - & Always Will Be The Pride & Honour of Anchorwala Ahinsadham. He has embodied his footprints in the Guiness Book Of World Records & Limca Book Of World Records.

Nandi Gopal has always been a point of curiosity & deep interest among Tourists, Students & Researchers alike. There are many interesting points about Gopal included his naturally OM shaped Horns [World's Largest, Thickest & Longest Horns Found On A Bull Till Date], The Natural Formation Of SHIVA LINGA on his back, Lord Shiva's Damru Shaped Structure in between his Horns, Lord Shiva's Kamandal Shape Structure in the form of his Jaws & Natural Writing Of OM on the Fore Head. People from across the Globe have come to admire this living wonder.

The Guiness Book Of World Records in 2002 have given a entry to Nandi Gopal based on this details [Horns - 9.2 Feet Length & 2.6 Feet Diameter, Weight - 765kgs].

The horns had to be surgically removed on 21 August 2002 as they were affecting his health. Nandi Gopal died in 2004 but his memory in the form of Horns is till date preserved by us in an Incubator. It is still the main attraction among the visitors to see his Horns.

After his death we have built a Samadhi Mandir - Gopal Smriti Mandir as a tribute to the Mighty bull for the stature he deserves.

24 x 7 Veterinary Hospital & 11000 SQ. FT. ICU
We have a 100+ Team of Expert Doctors, Nurses & Animal Welfare Experts helping us run our Veterinary Hospital 24 x 7 x 365. We perform an average of 100 Operations every month.

The operations vary from minor issues to small issues like Kidney Stone & Skin Diseases To Major Life Threatening Diseases Like Cancerous Horns, Paralytic Fractured Animals, Severe Fatal Accident Cases, Burn Injuries & Many More. We organize several Camps round the year for free treatment of suffering animals. Minimum 200+ Animals stay under the Hospital Care at any given point of time.

We have built a 11,000 Sq. Ft. Unique State Of The Art Animal ICU to cope up with the rising cases of animal accidents. This ultra modern unit was renovated in the recent past & inaugurated it on 10 – 01 – 2010 in the presence of several Dignitaries from Social Services Background, Religious Leaders & Political Leaders.

We believe such a huge and highly equipped Animal Hospital & ICU for Animal Treatment is probably not only the Biggest in Gujarat but one of the Biggest Animal Hospitals In India.

The Hospital & Its Surrounding Area can accommodate 200+ Animals at a time for Medical Treatment. We treat all Equine Animals including Cows, Buffaloes, Horses, Deers, Rose [Nil Gai] & Others.

The Salient Features of the ICU:

  • 11000 SQ. FT. Area With 20 Feet Height.
  • Operation Room
  • X - Ray Machine and Treatment Room
  • Closed Circuit TV & Audio Video System
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Water Bath
  • Cement Flooring with slopes.
  • Water Therapy
  • & Much More
Pathology Unit & Research Center
We have recently started a Pathology Unit & Research Center. By starting Pathology Lab our Diagnosis of Various Ailments & the corresponding Testing & Treatments has become much faster.

We encourage young doctors to undertake research in Veterinary Field. We have a lot of Young Medical Interns taking up various Projects to provide better medication to the animals.

24 x 7 Animal Ambulance Services
Our Mobile Animal Ambulance(s) Are Fully Equipped To Give Emergency Treatment To All Animals. More So To Those Involved In Life Threatening Accidents.
Gau Shala
We are one of the Biggest Animal Welfare Centers In India spread across 600 Acres & having more than 3700+ Cows & Buffaloes.

We are the proud recipients of the most outstanding Animal Welfare Trust Award in Gujarat & have had the privilege of receiving the honour from Shri Narendra Modi, H'nble Chief Minister Of Gujarat [& now the H'nble Prime Minister, Government Of India] & Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani [HRD & Education Minister, Government Of India] & many other awards.

Bal Gopal
He is fondly known as Bal Gopal – Nandi Gopal's Little Version. He is also a Giant Figure almost 7 – 8 Feet Tall & Weighs Close To 500+ KGs.
Jay & Vijay
Our Founder Trustee Shri. Mahendra Sangoi along with the then Mayor Of Bombay Smt. Shubha Raul in Year 2008 had saved 2 Cows from the jaws of death from the deadly Deonar Abattoir. They were saved minutes before they could be killed.

To this date they are hale & hearty and enjoying to the fullest. We fondly call these 2 Cows as Jay & Vijay.

Animal Fodder Storage
We have built special storage system for storing Food / Fodder for this 3700+ Cows & Buffaloes.
Equine Animals Special Zone
We have created a special zone / area for Animals like Camels, Horses, Deers, Neel Gai [Rose] for their Treatment & Well Being.
Vineshalay Museum
We have Pictures / Posters that depict the cruelty done to Animals in Slaughter Houses & In General across the Globe. These are Eye Opening & Heart Touching. We have approximately 250+ Visitors visiting our Center every day guided by our expert guides.
Navneet Preview Theater
We have a 200 Seater Preview Theater where we screen Films on Ecology, Environment, Animals, Animal Welfare & Many Such Relevant Topics regularly.
We have a 1000+ Seating Capacity Auditorium. The Primary Objective Of The Auditorium Is To Organize Seminars & Knowledge Based Programs For Farmers, Dairy Owners, Agriculturists, Environmentalists, Animal Welfare Experts, Aforestation & Ecologists etc.

To Provide The Right Information & Know How To Rural People & Impact Their Lives In Meaningful Manner.

In Our Yearly Flagship Program Conducted By National & International Renowned Names In January We Have 1200+ Participants.

Small Animals & Bird Care Center Cum Mini Zoo
We have built a Small Zoo Cum Small Animals & Bird Care Center where we provide treatment to Tortoises, Guinea Pigs, Sheeps, Dogs, Birds & Other Such Smaller Animals & Birds.
Pigeons are the Carriers Of Peace. Ahinsadham Stands for Peace, Care & Non Violence.

We have built two Chabutaros for these wonderful carriers of peace where in more than 2000+ Pigeons can stay. The Chabutaros are designed in a manner that the Pigeons get continuous Food & Water in any climatic conditions.

Anchorwalla Nandi Sarovar
We have created a man made artificial lake spread across 35 Acres for Birds & Animals to cater to their daily water requirement.

With God's Grace, Our Nandi Sarovar is full round the year.

Gujarat Government is using our expertise & knowhow in setting up such Animal Hospitals as well such Water Lakes across the state.

Sadhna Kutir & 18000 Trees Plantation
We have created a Spiritual Center on Medical Astrology Called Sadhna Kutir. Many Saints & Religious Gurus travelling to different destinations make it a point to visit & stay at Sadhna Kutir to meditate in silence & relax.

Renowned Spiritual Leader Rameshbhai Ohja during his one week stay at Ahinshadham has praised Sadhna Kutir for the extra ordinary bliss & peace he experienced here.

As per Astrology we have 12 Signs also called Rashis & 27 Nakshatras. Each Rashi consists of 2 or more Nakshatras. There are Trees, Animals, Birds & Fruits which are a part of this Rashi Nakshatra Combination. Our Dome Shaped Sadhna Kutir is Designed In Such A Way That All These 12 Rashis & 27 Nakshatras with the entire detailing & explanation is placed on the walls of the dome.

It has been scientifically proved that if a person directly or indirectly consumes products from a tree falling in his Rashi Nakshatra Combination, he will be benefited it by 10 times or more.

Based on this science & as a part of our Aforestation Activities, we have planted 18000 Trees in clusters of 1000 Trees each across the length & breadth of our Center.

We have a full fledged Bhojnalay catering to the daily food requirements of visitors as well as our esteemed guests including Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner round the year.
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