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Why Human beings are called Social Animals?

The Answer is human beings are being blessed by god to be able to speak, express, act and create an atmosphere where in they can express freely and live on their own terms, But it comes along with a social responsibility that they need to carry towards animals and birds who can’t express their pain through words specially the ones that are weak, mutilated animals and birds.Your heart goes crying looking at the atrocities and the pain that humans do with innocent animals. Humans were meant to be kind and sympathise with all the living animals and birds but we are being ignorant to this fact.

It was this feeling of responsibility that carved the thinking of the great and wise people like Late Sheth Shri Lalji Velji Shah – Sheth Shri Damjibhai and Jadavjibhai Anchorwala which transformed into great donations and developing a shelter house for weak helpless Animals and Birds known as “Bhagwan Mahavir Pashu Raksha Kendra Anchorwala Ahinsadham” at Pragpur – Kutch.

The institute Foundation ceremony was held on 7th May,1990 and Grand opening was held on 5th Nov,1995 and is located at Pragpur Road Junction in Kutch. It is 44 Kms away from Bhuj and 13 Kms from Mundra. This institute started with mere 5 acres of land alongwith 20 animals donated by Shri Jadavji Ravji Gangar and today is taking care of 4200 plus animals and Birds spread across 600 Acres.

Not only in Kutch, but also all over Gujarat and India as well as foreign countries this “ Ahinsadham” has become an idol and has been famous too for the great social and the humanity work being carried at such great scale and to develop at such a rapid pace. The credit goes to the volunteers and the entire management.

Pride and Highlights for the Institute :

  • Gopal Smriti Mandir,“Nandi Gopal Bull” is featured in “GUINESS BOOK OF WORD RECORDS AND LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS”.
  • Heart Touching Vineshalay Museum.
  • Anchorwala Nandi Sarovar.
  • Veterinary Hospital & Ambulance.
  • 11000 Sq.Ft of ICU with Modern Facilties.
  • Navneet Auditorium.
  • Duo of Bullocks : Jay–Vijay.
  • Bird Sanctuary.
  • Animal Fodder Storage.
  • Awards and Achievements.

Donor Trustees
  • Shri Damji Anchorwala (Shah)

    Kundrodi, Kutch, Gujarat

    Co Founder
    Anchor Group
  • Shri Jadhavji Anchorwala (Shah)

    Kundrodi, Kutch, Gujarat

    Co Founder
    Anchor Group
  • Shri Amarchand Gala

    Rayan, Kutch, Gujarat

    Co Founder
    Navneet Education Ltd.
  • Shri Dungarshi Gala

    Rayan, Kutch, Gujarat

    Co Founder
    Navneet Education Ltd.
  • Shri Shantilal Chheda

    Kandagara, Kutch, Gujarat

    Founder & Managing Partner
    Top In Town Rainwear
  • Shri Vinesh Mamania

    Kundrodi, Kutch, Gujarat

    V Ply
  • Shri Arvind Maru
    Lakhapur, Kutch, Gujarat

    Founder & Ex Managing Partner
    Hast Kala Heritage
  • Shri Pankaj Dharod

    Patri, Kutch,

    Partner Virji K. Shah & Co.
  • Shri Pranlal Mehta

    Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat
  • President & Elected Trustee

    Shri Ramesh Gala
    Pratapar, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Founder & Managing Trustee
    Shri Mahendra Sangoi
    Toda, Kutch, Gujarat

    Chairman & MD Ramdev Group
Managing Commitee
  • Elected Trustee

    Shri Vasanji Narshi Chheda
    kandagara, kutch, Gujarat
  • Elected Trustee

    Shri Dahyalalbhai Bhanji Ukani
    Mundra, Kutch, Gujarat
  • Secretary & Elected Trustee

    Shri Haresh Vora
    Gelda, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Hon'ble Secretary

    Shri Mahendra Vora
    Navi Nar, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Hon'ble Secretary

    Shri Manilal Gala
    Pratapar, Kutch, Gujarat


    Shri Amrut Chheda
    Kundrodi, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Treasurer

    Shri Dinesh Maru
    Bhojay, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Treasurer

    Shri Nitin Shah
    Bhojay, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Gaurishankar Keshwani
    Tunda, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Hemal Shah
    Mota Layja, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Harshad Saiya
    Sama Goga, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Jitendra Vora
    Naranpur, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Kirit Shah
    Ramaniya, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Mahesh Patel
    Bhachau, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Pankaj Vora
    Mundra, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Rajesh Kotecha
    Kubudva, Gujarat

  • CA Shri Jayesh Gogri
    Tunda, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Shri Vinit Shethia
    Bhujpur, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Kutch CEO

    Shri Girish Nagda
    Naredi, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Mumbai CEO

    Shri Dilip Savla
    Navavas Durgapur, Kutch, Gujarat

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